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4 short video's of our Fabric to maybe give you an idea
how the fabric looks and feels.

220gm Foldable Fabric
View video 1
View Video 2

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220gm Foldable Fabric
The 220gm Fabric which is the Fabric we offer. Our most popular Fabric in 2018 and we had a huge amount of recommendations for this product.
We are still testing other fabrics as the market is constantly changing.
220gm Foldable Fabric Video which should be in iPhone format. Mp4
Video of the 220gm Fabric in iPhone video format MP4.
Posted in 22mm card boxes.
(box, velcro & pins included)
Can't view the movie here?
We have posted one of the 180gm video's on YouTube. The 180gm Foldable Fabric Poster.

The 180gm has been dropped for now and you can see the 220gm poster on YouTube.
Product Movie Four
Movie will be added soon.