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Some short video's of our Fabrics to maybe give you an idea
how the fabric looks and feels.

195gm Premium Soft Fabric
Here is our latest Premium Soft Fabric. Fantastic quality, folds lovely with virtually no creasing whatsoever. Hot cut to prevent fraying, this is one of the best fabrics we have come across and you could carry your poster to your conference in your pocket!
220gm Foldable Fabric Video which should be in iPhone format. Mp4
Video of the 220gm Fabric in iPhone video format MP4.
Posted in 22mm card boxes.
(box, velcro & pins included)
Can't view the movie here?
We have posted one of the 195gm video's on YouTube. The 195gm Premium Soft Fabric Poster.

Both Fabric types are on YouTube.
Product Movie Four
Movie will be added soon.