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Roller Banners

Some of our Roller banners have been discontinued and have been removed. Alternate units are now displayed.
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Mosquito 850mm (w)x 2000mm (h)


Description Mosquito Basics Roller Banner, one of the best selling roller banners on the market. The Mosquito offers classic styling with durability, snap rail and twin twist out feet for stability, ideal for any indoor environment. Roller Banner Available in width 850mm Quality snap rail Twin twist out feet for excellent balance and stability Anodised silver finish Carry bag included. £69.00

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Delta Lite (Blade replacement) 800/850/1000mm (w)x 1992mm (h)

Delta Lite

Description UK redesigned unit with improved styling. It retains the features of the original Delta with the addition of some new ones. Snap rail Adjustable feet ideal for leveling on uneven surfaces. High-specification carry bag with extra padding for durability and protection Available in 800mm, 850mm and 1000mm widths
Adonised Silver

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Orient 850/1000mm (w)x 2110mm (h)


Description Popular stylish roller banner in 800/1000mm widths. Front-loading graphic pulls up from the front of the base giving your message floor to rail visibility Adjustable feetideal for levelling on unevensurfaces. High-specification carry bag with extra padding for durability and protection Suitable for graphics from 160 to 400 microns Patent pending Universal rail.
Adonised Silver

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